Legal Disclaimer
Please read this disclaimer carefully as it contains important information. Please consult your personal legal, financial, tax, or other appropriate professional prior to making any investment or any further action.
Tokens are not intended to take the form of securities in any jurisdiction (as described in this white paper). This white paper is not a document provided for that purpose, such as a guide or proposal. It is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or an investment solicitation in any jurisdiction. In addition, this white paper does not constitute any opinions or advice for purchasing tokens and does not constitute any part of any proposals from distributors or issuers of tokens. The truthfulness of any announcement made by any offer to purchase tokens or any other action shall not act as a basis or reliance on any contract or investment decision.
There are substantial risks and uncertainties associated with XPOP's business, operations, and tokens, including the fact that token sales may not take place. No part or copy of this white paper shall be delivered or transmitted to any country where the distribution of such documents and tokens is prohibited or restricted. No part of the white paper may be reproduced or distributed except for that section.
‌XPOP is a recently established startup that carries all the risks and uncertainties of a new company. XPOP's blockchain-based technology is at an early stage of development, and as issues arise inevitably, modifications may occur and ultimately may not be accepted by the market. Furthermore, the content described in this white paper was written on the date specified on the cover. Accordingly, XPOP and its affiliates disclaim any representation, warranty, or contract with respect to the continuous accuracy and completeness of the information specified in this white paper, and insist that they do not represent, warrant or promise to any company or individual in any form.
‌By accessing or accepting ownership of the information in this White Paper or any part thereof, you represent and warrant that XPOP and its affiliates:
1. You agree and acknowledge that the Tokens do not consist of securities in any form.
‌2. You agree that this white paper does not constitute a prospectus or proposal of any kind, does not constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation of investment in securities in any jurisdiction, and you do not enter into any contract or binding legal commitment. You agree that you are not obligated to enter into any agreement and that no cryptocurrency (including tokens) or other forms of payment are accepted based on this white paper.
3. You agree and acknowledge that the information outlined in this White Paper has not been investigated or approved by any regulatory authority, and no action will be taken by XPOP or its affiliates in accordance with the laws, regulatory requirements, or rules of any jurisdiction in connection with the distribution of this white paper. You agree and acknowledge that the distribution of this White Paper does not imply that any applicable laws, regulatory requirements, or rules have been complied with.
‌4. You agree and acknowledge that this white paper represents the merits of XPOP or tokens in the event of future token production and sale or trading of tokens on any cryptocurrency exchange, which you cannot understand, interpret or consider.
‌5. Distribution of any part or copy of this White Paper, or your acceptance of the same document by you, is not prohibited or restricted by any laws, regulatory requirements or rules applicable to you, and subject to restrictions relating to ownership. You may not hold XPOP or its affiliates liable for any restrictions at your expense.
6. If you choose to purchase Tokens, you agree and acknowledge that Tokens will not be understood, interpreted, classified, or treated as follows:
‌a. Any kind of currency except cryptocurrency
‌b. Debt or Equity (including Rights, Options or Derivatives) issued by an individual or legal entity (XPOP or its affiliates)
c. Collective Investment Planning Unit
‌d. Business Trust Unit
‌e. Derivatives in Units of Business Trusts
‌f. Other Security or Security Ratings
7. You fully understand and acknowledge that you are not eligible to purchase Tokens if you are a citizen of one of the countries listed in the ‘Notices for Specific Investors’ below.
‌8. You have a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based software systems, cryptographic vaults or other related token storage mechanisms, blockchain technology, and smart contract technology.
‌9. If you wish to purchase tokens, you are fully aware that there are significant risks associated with XPOP and its business, planning and operation, and potential future sale or distribution of tokens and tokens.
‌10. Through this White Paper, you agree to any indirect, special, incidental, consequential and tort, contract, or other losses (loss of income, profits or profits, loss of use or data) of any kind arising out of receipt or credit. You agree and acknowledge that neither XPOP nor its affiliates are liable for any losses.
11. You acknowledge and agree that XPOP may revise the contents of this white paper at any time without any notice or your consent to this white paper, and you also acknowledge that XPOP is not aware of the accuracy of the information specified in this white paper. You further acknowledge and agree that no representations or warranties are made.
‌12. All of the above representations and warranties are true, complete, clear and non-misleading from the time of your access to and/or your acceptance of ownership of this White Paper or the attached content.
‌This white paper may contain forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, statements regarding future operating results and plans that involve risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, and if for any reason the results, performance or performance expressed or implied in forward-looking statements may differ materially from the actual results, performance or performance. No advice is given and no information in this whitepaper should be considered as business, legal, financial or tax advice related to XPOP, tokens or any future token sale or distribution. You should consult with your legal, financial, tax or other professional advisors regarding XPOP, its business, operations, and tokens. You may be required to bear the financial risk of purchasing the tokens indefinitely, or you may be required to bear the complete loss of the amount paid for the tokens.
Notice for Specific Investors
Notice to Residents of the People's Republic of China (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are not included for the purposes of this White Paper): Materials not submitted to the Securities and Regulatory Commission of the People's Republic of China ("PRC"), the Tokens may not be advertised, solicited and sold. It cannot be made to Chinese citizens, nor can we provide any material or information related to this whitepaper, purchase documents, or the tokens contained therein. It may not be offered to the public of the PRC or used in connection with any offer of subscription or sale of tokens to the public of the PRC. The information contained in this whitepaper and purchase documents does not constitute an offer, invitation, advertisement, or request to purchase tokens within the PRC. This also includes residents of the United States or countries subject to US sanctions, including Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, and Iran.
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