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The business plan

XPOP Entertainment Services

In 2019, the worldwide streaming service market grew by 34% in comparison to the previous year, marking an overall growth rate of 9.7%. On the other hand, traditional album sales decreased by 10.1%, and music download services decreased by 21.2%, accentuating the growth of digital content sales. Sales related to K-POP are showing remarkable growth, especially in the global market, with an increase of 17.9% in comparison to the previous year. Such growth is due to the expansion of the market due to the globalization of leading K-Pop artists.
The music service market is composed of various players. The XPOP project aims to introduce its XPOP music streaming service as its first DApp in the first half of 2021.

Entertainment Service Model

One of many programs included in XPOP’s music service is the ‘Artist Support Program’. The goal is to discover new artists and increase their fan base to provide upcoming artists opportunities to reach a global audience. The program is a part of XPOP's music service. XPOP Token Economy allows Korean artists to release albums free from pre-existing limits such as the political diplomacy of a specific country. The XPOP sound source service has more than 200 domestic and foreign artists, and is joined by Rockin Korea Co. Ltd., and PK Entertainment, which operates the Korean Busking Cooperative, and is preparing a business with Singapore entertainment company to advance Korean artists overseas.

XPOP NFT Platform

    Subscription Based Streaming Services (Google Music, Apple Music)
    Artists' Goods and Digital Item Sales
    Photos and Other Goods of Musicians, Actors, Influencers, Artists, Sports Stars, Webtoons, etc.
    Platforms for online live performances, fan meetings, and 1:1 meetings
    Other blockchain-based P2P transaction services
Artist-related digital content, concert tickets, etc. are included as hidden options in the NFT card
    Selling card-type NFT ART.
    Idol photo shoot, webtoon artist's series, etc.
    Digital content related to artists, concert tickets, etc. are included in the NFT card as hidden options.

XETA XPOP Metaverse Project

Expansion of ecosystem through providing a metaverse(XVERSE) for artists within the music marketplace

Revenue Model

[Artists, Advertisers]

XPOP Platform Registration Fees (When registering the artists' music or digital items)
Advertisement Registration Fees


Marketplace Subscription Fees (Automatic Monthly Payments)
Artists' Digital Item Sales


SDK for Sales Fees distribution and Alliance with Third-Party Partners

Marketing Strategies

XPOP STAR Public Auditions
    A Preview of XVERSE will be provided such as Studio and Concert Hall
    A total of 100 Participants(Males/Females/Groups in their 10s-20s comprised of 50 named artists/teams, 30 YouTubers, and 20 others out of 150 secured artists and 20 agencies.
    Co-operate with partnered music producers (Marketing Buzz)
    Auditions will be crowdfunded and participants will be paid in tokens according to the points that their fans funded (only paid to those who come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place).
    Fans (users) can fund 10 points to each artist every day and can fund multiple artists at once. They can also raise their limit of points to give through a referral system by signing their friends onto the platform.
    The audition will select 50 preliminaries, 20 semi-finalists, and 3 finalists members, and the finals will be held live on XVERSE, which will be broadcast live on YouTube.
    The voting will be broadcasted in real-time within the XPOP app. The event will be promoted constantly to create public buzz.
    우승자는 최종 펀딩금액에 해당하는 XPOP 토큰과 XPOP STAR 타이틀을 획득하여 XVERSE내 명예의 전당에 이름이 올라가며 NFT 음원 발매 (1,2,3위 음원 발매) The participant with the highest funding amount will be rewarded XPOP tokens and the XPOP STAR title, will be added to the Hall of Fame within the XVERSE and will release tracks as an NFT (1,2,3rd place will release tracks).

Expansion of XETA

    Continued auditions and concerts in the Metaverse
    Metaverse Design for the new generations in their 10's and 20's
    Launch of various interior and avatar items
    Popular brands and luxury brands virtual retail
    Trading of Mobile Game Items
    Various Mini-games within the XETA
    Reach 10 Million Global Users by 2023
    Expand partnerships with entertainment companies to bring celebrity YouTubers, Entertainers, etc. into the XETA.
    Collaboration with Fashion/ Luxury Brands to create XVERSE merch(sale of avatar items)
    Collaboration with IKEA (Sales of Furniture/Interior Decor)
    Continuous promotion of NFT-related content
Does not reflect current partnerships

Webtoon Services XPOP TOON

As of 2020, the Korean Webtoon industry has marked its 20th anniversary of market creation. Currently, the Korean Webtoon market is estimated to reach about 1 billion USD. Popular Korean Webtoons are made into movies and TV Shows to re-create their success. The webtoon content is positioned as one of the core items of the Korean content industry. As Webtoons are met with tremendous success in the global market, the KT Economic Research Institute states that the industry has grown ten folds in ten years from 100 million dollars in 2010. Compared to 2019, the market size has increased by about 13%
The XPOP Webtoon Platform Service will be launched in the second half of 2021, in partnership with a popular Webtoon platform operator in Korea. The platform service will be available in numerous countries including Mongolia, Europe, China, and South America, with funding from major investors.

Blockchain Games & Game Item Trading Services

The Blockchain Games industry is another area the XPOP projects plans to expand its business to. The industry has grown explosively since 2018, which led to the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies such as EOS and Tron. Since the XPOP platform can be used to verify IP for webtoons and music content, the platform can also be used to distribute blockchain-based digital game services.
XPOP has secured over 100 games in partnership with Korean mobile game companies and plans to release music games using production IPs such as music and webtoons in the second half of 2020. Successful RPG games of Korean will be adapted into blockchain games along with new titles launched.
In a high-growth environment where the ARPPU (Monthly Amount Per User, Average Revenue Per Paying User) of the blockchain game reaches $552, we plan to release blockchain games that allow users to purchase and sell game items to increase the token's usability and thus increasing its value.

Various IP Collaboration

Due to the one-source multi-use (OSMU) trend, various IPs such as movies, dramas, advertisements, and games are re-created into secondary creative content. The market for secondary content has shown high growth over the years. A big market in Korea consists of games, movies, and TV shows based on successful webtoons(Web-Based Korean Comics).
However, as large distributors dominate the current market, it is difficult for new artists to create new content that they can claim full proprietorship and/or other rights. As an alternative to the present environment, the XPOP platform incubates derivative contents creation and shares IPs to increase their values. The platform aims to provide a transparent and fair payment for the usage of the IP through “collaboration projects.”

XPOP Ecosystem Configuration

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